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35 Black Men’s Haircuts

Curls With Hard Part & Step

Natural curly hair is left a little bit longer on top in this style, but it’s been expertly shaped with faded sides. A hard part creates an asymmetrical step that gives this haircut tons of visual interest and a more artistic vibe than a classic fade haircut.

Short Fade Cut With Wave

Short and simple, this fade haircut uses a line up to keep the hairline and beard looking pristine. Adding a wave texture on top provides a little bit more dimension to this look, but the overall look is still very easy to manage.

Mid Length Curls With Temple Fade

Use a temple fade to keep your mid length curls from extending out at the sides of your face. Not only is this haircutting technique trendy right now, but it can help to slim the appearance of your face.

Classic Fade Cut

A buzz cut that uses about a #1 guard on top and fades down to the skin at the sides is one of the most classic black men’s haircut. It’s perfect for professionals, fashion-forward men, and guys who want an easy look that doesn’t need product or a maintenance routine.

Curls With Temple Fade

A very subtle temple fade helps frame the face and give shape to a full head of curls.

Short Fade With Curved Line

This fade cut gets a little more funky with the inclusion of a curved line detail. For young men or guys who are constantly looking to switch up their haircut, this razor line is a fun addition to a basic fade cut.

Short Platinum Cut With Hard Part

If you’ve been thinking about taking a bit of a risk with your hair, this platinum color will definitely up your edge factor. Many men shy away from adding color to their hairstyle, but it’s actually a fairly low-risk move when you’re already working with a short haircut. When you get tired of the color it’s only takes a short buzz cut to make it go away.

High Sides Curls

Shape your longer curls with high faded sides and a precise hairline that allows hair to grow upwards without extending out from the sides. The shape of this haircut will help add to the illusion of your height and make your face appear longer and slimmer, especially when combined with a beard style that extends slightly below the chin.

Afro Curls With Low Undercut

If you want to give your curls more room to show off, combine curly hair with a low undercut that wraps around the back of the head. Curls are controlled and hair gets a defined shape without being so short that you hair’s texture isn’t obvious.

Short Low Fade Cut

Lower fade haircuts that were popular in the ’90s are making a comeback, and offer up a bit of a change of pace from the higher fade looks that have become standard.

Curls On Top Mid Fade

If you love your hair’s light, bouncy texture, a longer on top style like this can help show off those curls, while a mid-height fade will keep your hair from looking like you’ve been missing visits to the barber.

Brushed Up Fade Cut

For black men with a slightly straighter hair texture, this brushed up style offers up a clean and simple way to wear your short hair.

Razor Shave

Whether you’re trying to disguise a receding hairline or you love the minimalist look, a razor shave style projects the ultimate confidence.

Faded Undercut With Part

This hard parted style definitely gives off vintage vibes, and makes for a stylish way to upgrade your short hair that won’t require months and months of growing it out.

Slick Skin Fade

Also known as a bald fade, a properly done skin fade will look like hair is melting away into the skin. Not only is this technique popular, but it keeps things looking extra clean around the ears and hairline for guys whose specific hair textures can tend to look fluffy or frizzy when grown out a bit.

Mid Length Curls

Growing your natural curls longer doesn’t have to happen only in a tightly sculpted fade or undercut style. This mid length curly style offers up a more natural and chilled out vibe, and even comes with the option of tying your hair back or using a headband to keep it secure when needed.

Pompadour Undercut

This vintage inspired pompadour style comes with tons of modern edge. Undercutting at the sides ground the haircut firmly in the 21st century and make styling easier, while the pompadour shape is the result of some styling prowess, and might take you a few practice runs to get just right.

Short Twists With Fade

A twist styling technique can bring a whole new look to your hairstyling arsenal, and works on relatively short hair. To get the look, begin with clean damp hair and apply a product like pomade, gel, or nut butter, then twist evenly sized sections of hair until your whole head is complete. Once your hair dries, twists should be set, and you can finish with hairspray for extra holding power.

Low Side Parted Taper

This parted style has a nice vintage feel thanks to its softer hard part that’s less edgy than some modern razor lines. A gentle taper at the sides replaces a high skin fade, making this look a perfect ’50s throwback.

Blowout With Long Curls

The blowout haircut features fading at the temples and nape of the neck to create the appearance that hair is being blown away from the face. When combined with long curls, a blowout is a perfect haircut for trendy young men.

Mid Length Twists

Combine longer twists with a high skin fade for a fun haircut that plays up its contrasting details.

Taper Cut With Curls

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd by wearing a short haircut that isn’t faded, try a short taper cut. Hair on top is long enough to show off its texture, while hair around the sides is kept closer to the skin without being buzzed.

Long Hair With Undercut

Combining your long hair with an undercut makes it more manageable, and you can use braided or bun styles to show off your trendy disconnected undercut.

Tapered Afro

Longer curls on top taper at the back and sides, creating a perfect fusion of vintage and modern trends in black men’s haircuts.

Curls With Drop Fade

The drop fade in the back of this haircut creates a slight mohawk silhouette, and can be used to camouflage an irregular head shape.

Tapered Blowout

This blowout haircut uses a tapering technique to make curls smooth up the back and sides, but keeps the natural texture of curls up on top.

Induction Cut Fade

A step up from the basic military induction cut, this version features a very subtle fade down the sides.

Mohawk Fade

A classic mohawk style gets some added interest with faded sides, making this an excellent haircut for edgy, fashion-forward men.

Mid Fade Edge Up

Another classic and simple look, this haircut leaves hair a little bit longer at the fringe, creating a shape similar to a caesar style. Even with this longer fringe, the fade and edges in this style have been meticulously cut to make a look that’s sharp and clean.

Long Hair With Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is an edgier alternative to the fade, and allows for easy upkeep at home with a set of clippers.

Product Styled With Fade

For men who feel like adding a little more effort into their styling game, this haircut is left longer on top and styled using a fairly strong hold product, which will vary depending on your hair’s exact texture. Balance this out with a high fade and razor line to keep your haircut looking clean and modern.

Soft Curls Flat Top

Unlike a traditional flat top that doesn’t feature any texture on top, this modern style shows off some curls around the top and sides, making for a more approachable version of the haircut.

Long Curls Quiff

These long curls are styled forward into a vintage inspired quiff, while a disconnected undercut helps bring touches of modern edgy style.

Long Curls With Low Fade

Growing your hair out longer can take patience and a lot of effort towards proper care, and combining your longer style with a fade or undercut makes the look more manageable and on trend. The razor line detail in this haircut provides added definition, but you could leave it out if you don’t like the idea of the upkeep.

Video: Top Coolest Haircuts for Black Men.

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