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Thanks for your edits on Dribble Like Lionel Messi.

Hey! Did you get an email from me? If you did and you don't want to pursue it, it's totally fine. Just wanted to check in case I have wrong email address for you these days. No big deal either way - just didn't want you to miss it.

Happy Tuesday to ya :)

At 19:32, Sep 04, 2019


Ok nooo problem at all. I just didn't want to leave it hanging if it was an address issue. No big deal, and hope your week ahead is grand!

At 11:40, Sep 16, 2019


At 17:04, Sep 17, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Eat Healthy at Sizzler.

I know you're not much of a chatter, but every now and then I still gotta send you a note to say "thanks" and "how're you doing" - because TUs aren't always enough to show the appreciation :D

Hope you had a good weekend!

At 19:37, Sep 20, 2019


At 19:45, Sep 20, 2019


Heheh thanks. Priorities, priorities... Oops. Go study, you!

At 05:50, Sep 22, 2019


Hey Zodiaw I saw you recently edited my article and removed the citations. Could you please let me know the reason behind it and what else do I need to do to make this article WikiHow worthy? Thank You Olivia Cruz

At 16:11, Sep 22, 2019


Up to you, Zodi! If they seem legit to you, I’m totally fine with putting them back - I’m just not personally interested in helping out a subtle spammer, especially once the rules have been made clear and they promised to work within them but then made a separate new blog for further subtle spam, hah. But as long as the other links don’t lead to that gemstone site, no worries on my end - cool to go either way!

At 16:12, Sep 25, 2019


Thanks for your edits on .

Man I'm so glad we just go with the singular "they" these days... so much simpler than messing with pronouns that don't always fit or sound clunky in the text (and of course also come with a bunch of implications that don't account for nonbinary situations). One of the ways the wiki moved with the times, and I'm thankful for it - and thankful to you for fixing here!

At 18:53, Sep 25, 2019


Well, you'll always get my TU for it :)

At 21:58, Sep 30, 2019


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Cheers for the ace patrolling this morning! Good to get us back to sunniness for the start of the week :)

At 16:53, Oct 08, 2019


Thanks for your edits on .

Hope you don't mind I just removed the whole link here, since it's not really a source page. I totally get keeping the https change in general, but it's not a link that really gets past our External Links Policy anyway, so I figured better to remove the whole thing. NBD but figured I'd let you know in case you have other thoughts!

At 18:44, Oct 11, 2019


Honestly, it doesn't matter *that* much because we are not going to go after you, hahahahh (and we don't really go after anyone, but shhh). I'd probably just put "self" and then a summary about where the original came from. That's the right license (with the NC component), even though it's not strictly accurate in saying you did it all "yourself" -- the summary explanation will help with that part.

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